Message from the founders

Dear friends,

As brothers we loved playing football together. It was a very sad day for us when we were told by our parents that we could no longer play the game that we loved because of the dangers associated with concussions.

We didn’t know what the big deal was about concussions. What was a concussion? What were these “dangers” our parents were worried about? Were we really at such a risk? These were all questions we had when we were told we couldn’t play anymore.

Rather than just sulk and accept what our parents said as fact, we decided to research the topic ourselves. We learned that our parents did have reason to fear concussions. They can cause permanent damage in athletes and even sometimes death. What our parents didn’t realize though was that the real cause of this damage was not the concussion but rather the lack of education. Athletes were putting themselves at risk while playing with a concussion because they either didn’t know the potential danger of a concussion or they didn’t know they even had a concussion.

We founded PlaySmart StaySmart with the vision that never again would an athlete have to suffer from the permanent effects of a concussion because of a lack of education. We want parents to allow their kids to play sports because they know their kids will be taken care of properly if they were to get a concussion. We want trainers and coaches to understand the risks involved with concussions and protect their players from any unnecessary risks. Most of all, we want athletes to be able to play the sports they love, but we want them to play smart and know what to do if they show symptoms of a concussion.

The time for change is now.
It’s time to Play Smart. It’s time to Stay Smart.