Jake Reis
CEO & Co-founder  

Senior at Columbus High School in Miami, FL. Jake is a varsity lacrosse player and Mas Scholar who is bringing a national focus to PlaySmart StaySmart. Jake believes that early education is the key to making kids safer on the field. He is consequently expanding the organization to include elementary and middle school aged athletes. He is negotiating with national organizations for endorsements to increase the accessibility of concussion education material to kids.


Billy Reis

Co-founder of PlaySmart StaySmart

Billy is a freshman at Duke University and a Duke club lacrosse player. Billy is delivering the PlaySmartStaySmart message to college athletes through educational materials and awareness wristbands. Billy is also heavily involved in taking PlaySmart’s message to a national level through endorsements.


Andre Madrid
Chief Operating Officer 

Senior at Columbus High School, Miami, Fl.  Andre is a Varsity Hockey Player and Mas Scholar who is coordinating local educational efforts for PlaySmart StaySmart.  He helps organize teams to talk to schools and clubs and assists with community outreach to educators.